How to settle your newborn! A grandma & experienced mom's advice!

by Kim Tang July 13, 2016

How to settle your newborn! A grandma & experienced mom's advice!

Being a Grandma is the best job ever. You get to love and hug and hold and kiss, and then when you are exhausted you get to give the baby back. This is what my mom told me. She never told me that it is almost impossible to give them back, especially if they live an ocean away from you.

I started Mia's Moccs in my Grand daughter’s name because she inspired me with her two little feet to make something beautiful, affordable and great quality moccassins in many colors.

I thought as a Mom and a Grandma I may have some little pieces of advise that may help with stages of your little one’s growth and your sleep and peace of mind.

When I was a mom there was no internet which I find was a blessing as there is so much conflicting information about what to do. Someone says this is the right way and then another says this is wrong. We only had trial and error and both my kids are healthy, happy and alive. So I must have done something right. My daughter calls me and asks for my opinion on what to do and then she ignores me and goes on the internet and tries their ideas as they must be correct because they are posted on a computer. Then she comes back and says you were right, your idea worked best. (Duh).

So I thought I would start with the most important thing you need to know as a new mom…. How to sooth a fussy baby. Why is this most important? Well if you can do this you get to sleep and enjoy your new born.

What no one tells you is that it is normal for babies to go through a fussy period between two and six weeks. So your baby is fine, relax.

Babies cry for 5 major reasons –

1. They are hungry
2. They have a soiled diaper
3. They are too hot or too cold
4. They are super tired
5. They have a burp stuck or gassy tummy ( massaging the tummy or bicycling the legs can make them feel much better)

Putting your little one to sleep.

Between 5pm and midnight most parents find their little one more fussy, this is caused by over stimulation. Remember everything is stimulating to a newborn, and actually a really good sign that the baby’s brain and nervous systems are developing.

What you need to do is find a calm space where you can relax and that will allow your baby to relax with you. Remember something may work one or two times and then you will have to try something else. Most important when you are getting frustrated to the point of breaking, put your baby in a safe place a bassinet or crib, or hand the baby off to your partner or another adult. This will allow you to get a breath of fresh air and regroup so you are ready for the next round. Remember that baby know your moods and frustration as you have been their home for 9 months.

What I found that worked was a late night drive around the neighborhood this worked for my daughter. Also putting her bassinet next to the dishwasher the white noise sound would relax her and put her to sleep. With my son he slept through the night from the first day home from the hospital so never had to do anything to put him to sleep. ( I know don’t hate me)

Other ideas people have told me:
  1. Skin to skin contact – very popular with new mothers.
  2. White noise- they have machines for this or there are piles of apps for your phone. Go for the free options.
  3. Swings or vibrating chairs – the car seat or bassinet on the top of your washing machine during spin cycle works – always looking for the free option
  4. A warm bath
  5. A car ride
  6. Changing babies position – laying the baby on their tummy with the knees raised up underneath
If you find that your baby doesn’t want to stop crying or has a fever call the doctor or hospital. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Kim is the owner of Mia's moccs and the loving mother of 25-year old Alyssia and 22-year old Landon. She's also Mia's grandma!

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